Create a Photo Booth

Create a Photo Booth

Insta your way through your wedding and create a photo booth!

Make use of Insta and all the other social media platforms by setting up a photo booth for your guests to upload their photos using your own hashtag. You could even have a screen linked to your phone/laptop to show the photos live at the reception.
Start with the basics:
You'll need an Insta-friendly background. Use these gorgeous hydrangea panels (in pink/cream or cream) to build a flower wall. If you background is already pretty good, just add some interest with a ribbon curtain.
Pink flower wall    
Add some interest
These backdrops are pretty enough, but additions add a little extra depth. Outsize tissue flowers are great as are balloon garlands. You can also hang decorations in front of your wall (use helium balloons and you can position them as you need them) or use a grid to add decorations of your choice (their great for the hydrangea walls too). 


Add some props

Start with the kits. Get your guests to hold something (like a neon sign). Paint up an old picture frame or have fun with an inflatable one.


Give Directions

Point your guests in right direction by letting them know what's expected of them!

Have Fun!

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