Great Groom Gift Ideas

Great Groom Gift Ideas
The wedding morning is traditionally about the Bride and we have some great wedding morning ideas in our Inspire Me section. But, what about your Groom? He will also be anticipating his big day ahead, so let him know you're thinking about him with some fabulous gifts just for him.
To start, we absolutely love the Secret Message Cufflinks. Each cufflink is a mini-envelope which opens to reveal your secret message to your Groom. Have one engraved with the wedding date and the other with "I Love You" or "See you at the church". They are sure to be something he will treasure forever. 
secret message cufflinks
For a fun gift, the Nuts About You keyring is a really simple idea that will make him smile. A series of nuts and bolts on a keyring with the "I'm nuts about you message".
Nuts about you keyring
On a sadder note, if he's recently lost someone very close to him, our sterling silver groom locket hangs discreetly with his buttonhole or inside pocket, allowing him to have that special person with him on his day.
groom locket
A gorgeous engraved watch makes a lasting wedding present too. Add your special message and know that he will be wearing this wedding day reminder for years to come.
Mens engraved watch
When you've chosen your gifts, what about adding some fun things too? His favourite sweets to keep the sugar levels up on the morning, a handkerchief for when he cries as he sees how beautiful you look, a mini hip flask to give him a flash of courage just before the speeches?
Pack it all into a personalised wooden box that he can use after the wedding day itself. 
gift box for groom with contents
So, a lovely wedding morning surprise for you groom and practical too. He will love the thought that's gone into it and it will give him a lovely start to his wedding day too!
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